Twilight Breaking Dawn Gossip

Right now, fans around the world are waiting with bated breath for the latest gossip regarding the upcoming twin films that will complete The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2.  By now, most fans know that the book will be split into two movies, but what other gossip has come out lately?  What should every fan know about Breaking Dawn?


For starters, the two-part film has been fully cast now, and the announcements have been made regarding who will be playing each of the characters.  The new cast members, much like the actors playing the Quileute tribe in Eclipse, are largely unknown actors and actresses, which is good in a sense that this keeps excitement and speculation high as viewers and critics alike will be unable to look up previous critiques and reviews of the actor’s performances. 



Breaking Dawn will certainly be a visual experience to behold, and the film promises to stay true to the books in even the most remarkable scenes.  For instance, it was recently announced that the controversial birth scene featured in the book is in fact in the movie, and is said will remain as vividly portrayed in the film as it is in the book.  This is likely to stir a great deal of controversy in the media, particularly among those who seek to repress the popularization of teenage sex, but for those who loved the Breaking Dawn book, it will certainly help maintain the realism and gripping nature of the book. 


On that note, it has been said by many in Tinseltown that far from glamorizing teen sex, Stephenie Mayer’s underlying message is just the opposite – she wanted to show her millions of young teenage fans that underage sex has very real and very dire consequences, which is the birth of a baby – and that giving birth is by its very nature a harrowing physical ordeal and is not something a girl should go through at such a young age.  The life-threatening results of the teen birth are very graphically described in the book, leading to a popular assumption that perhaps Ms. Mayer hopes to put young girls off having sex for as long as possible.


Breaking Dawn gossip is being revealed every day, and it seems like there is always something new.  One rumor that has now finally been put to rest is that the films will be released in 3-D.  In September 2010, it was announced that the films will remain two dimensional.  While this may be disappointing for some hardcore fans, the rest of the rumors help keep hope alive that the two Breaking Dawn films will be the best Twilight movies yet.

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