What Movies Has Robert Pattinson Done Besides Twilight?

When you hear the word Twilight spoken in a room full of teenagers, you are likely to have to cover your ears to block out the high pitched squeals of delight.  The movie and book franchises are both huge, but for many teenage girls, this novel and movie series is all about the male love interest Edward Cullen the vampire, played in the movies by Robert Pattinson.  Indeed, girls everywhere crush on Robert Pattinson as much as boys grudgingly aspire to be him. 


But outside of Twilight, what acting work has Robert Pattinson really done?


Perhaps the first time most people saw Robert Pattinson was as Cederic Diggory in the hit film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  The role was well executed and helped make Pattinson a household name, especially in his native Britain. 


He was also seen recently in the film Remember Me, a gripping tale of family drama set against the backdrop of post 9-11 New York City.


Robert Pattinson filled another pair of famous shoes in 2009 with the film Little Ashes.  In this film he played eccentric artist Salvador Dali.  While this was a smaller film, it has gained a large fan-base due in part to Robert’s Twilight fame.


For someone who started as an uncredited extra in the film Vanity Fair back in 2004, there is no doubt that he has come a long way. Robert Pattinson may be a household name today, but he certainly earned his accolades.  With more than a dozen films to his credit, he has done a great deal of work in the last decade and has the fan-base and body of work to show for it.  Only he knows what the future has in store for him.  

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