How to Make Your Own Pet Food
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Purchasing pet food for your dog or cat can be expensive.  More importantly, with so many byproducts, chemicals, and antibiotics in most brands sold at the pet store, it can also be more unhealthy than you might think. 


If you are looking to increase your pet’s health and save money at the same time, you might want to find a recipe for homemade pet food.  These foods are incredibly nutritious and will taste great, as well.

One of the easiest ways to make homemade pet food is to simply create a mixture of eggs, meat, and grains.  You will find that a mixture of 2/3 rice and vegetables and 1/3 eggs and hamburger meat is all it takes to provide your pet with a meal that is inexpensive, tasty, and entirely healthy.  Of course, the recipe is better if you are able to create the pet food using organic ingredients. 

Other great ingredients for homemade pet food include yogurt, cottage cheese, and chicken.  All of these ingredients can be used as the 1/3 meat portion of the recipe listed above.  For many pet owners, this pet food is a necessity, as it is exceptionally gentle on the digestive systems of older, sick or highly stressed pets and is recommended by many vets.

If you are looking to save money on pet food while keeping your animal healthy, try the recipes listed here.  You can substitute cooked grains and vegetables as well as different meats and dairy products (never feed animals raw grains as they will be unable to properly digest them).  This enables you to make dishes using ingredients you already have and to offer your pet a variety of foods to keep them excited about mealtime.

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