How to Remove a Paint Stain From Clothing

Paint stains are common when you are doing crafts or painting a room, but they are also frustrating to get out of clothing.  If you have a paint stain on your clothing, don’t toss it out or go running to the dry cleaners just yet.  More importantly, don’t throw it in the washer if you haven’t already. Here’s a few homespun tips to make sure the paint doesn’t leave a stain.

One of the best tools for getting a paint stain out of your clothing is something that you likely already have in your home – simple hairspray.  Apply the hairspray to the stain and blot the paint away. 


Another great household product that can remove paint is rubbing alcohol.  Much like the hairspray, all you need to do is apply and blot to remove the paint stain.  Be careful not to rub, however, as you can end up spreading the paint and grinding it into the fibers of the clothing.

If you are looking for a store-bought product to help you remove a paint stain from your clothing, you may want to consider a product known as Goof-off.  Primarily used for removing paint stains from your carpet after a spill or accident, it can be quite useful to get stains out of clothing as well. 


With any stain removal product, however, it is important to test your clothing for colorfastness first by applying the product to the inside hem or collar before applying to a stain in a visible area. Good luck!

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