Use Water Filters to Get Fresh Water for Less

Everyone seems to be obsessed with the idea that we need to drink more water these days. We get sparkling water at fancy restaurants, bottled water at the gym, and flavored water instead of soft drinks. Unfortunately, you also have to pay for all this water. Instead of paying a ton of money for water to drink daily, why not save money by using water filters?

Water filters come in different varieties. You can get water filters that attach straight to your faucet. There are also water filters that are like jugs that filter the water as it sits in the fridge. These water filters often use carbon based filtration systems, which pull many of the impurities out of water.

Water filters help make water healthier by pulling out impurities that can cause health problems, and may even contribute to cancer. They aren’t a cure for having old lead pipes, though. Water filters can also take out some of the impurities that cause water to have a funky taste or smell, such as removing the large amounts of chlorine that some counties and cities add to over-processed water to kill germs.


If your kids won’t drink straight from the tap, you can use water filters to help make water more bearable for them.

Did you know, for instance, that much bottled water is just municipal tap water with a few extra minerals dissolved in it to give it a more pleasant taste? There aren’t any regulations about where water has to come from to be bottled and sold, so that ‘Pure Glacier’ water you’re drinking may well have been bottled from the same reservoir that supplies your tap water. You’re paying a ton of money for something you already have.


Unless you’re in an area where the water is simply unsafe, water filters can help you provide clean, cheap drinking water for your family, without draining your bank account in the process.


All you need now are good quality metal water bottles that will hold your water on the go without leeching harmful chemicals into it. You can get great metal water bottles for less than $10 each at a supermarket.

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