Which Airline Offers the Best Treatment of Your Pets?

Traveling with a pet is something that we all consider at some point in our lives.  After all, our pets are extensions of our families. 


Unfortunately, airlines do not always have the best reputations when it comes to caring for our furry companions.  Most airlines put your pet in the unheated cargo hold, which has no temperature regulation and can cause great distress to pets by subjecting them to extreme heat or icy conditions depending on the weather. 


Then there is the question of security.  Many people remember the recent story of Delta airlines losing one family’s dog like a piece of baggage!  With this in mind, what airlines are considered the best for people who wish to travel with a pet?

Believe it or not, the best airline for people with a pet is most likely to be JetBlue.  The company has a program in place known as JetPaws, which is designed to help improve the travel experience for pet owners and their four-legged companions alike.  They have also been voted as the best airline for pet health and safety, and they will work hard to get a veterinarian on board whenever possible if a pet becomes ill mid-flight.  For people worried about the safety of their companion animals, JetBlue is simply the top choice.

AirTran is another good choice for people traveling with a pet, as they offer low fees to allow the pet to travel in the cabin.  For people looking to transport something besides a dog or cat, Frontier Airlines offers the most variety in terms of what animals are allowed in the cabin.

Traveling with a pet can be both stressful and exciting.  Choosing the right airline can definitely make the experience less frustrating.  With these airlines and with the right preparation, you will find that traveling with your pet can actually be quite enjoyable.

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