Has Your Child Got Allergies? Household Products That Can Help

If you have a child who suffers from allergies, you can provide them some relief by shopping for the right options.  There are many products available at drugstores to help reduce the allergens that your child is exposed to, which can help ensure that they are able to enjoy symptom-free living as much as possible. 

Allergen-free detergent is an important item on your grocery-store list.  The detergent that you use to wash clothing can have an adverse effect on your child, particularly if he or she is allergic to artificial scents.  Swapping out your regular detergent for a natural alternative will help immensely with many symptoms. 


Another option to consider shopping for is hypoallergenic bedding – mattress pads, pillows and even sheets and comforters can be found that fit this description.  It will help to reduce night-time sneezes!

Air purifiers are another shopping option when seeking to alleviate your child’s allergies.  These devices filter the air in their bedroom or even in the whole house, removing pollen, dust and other allergens around your child.  Look for a purifier that has the best possible purification ratings. 


Another option for your allergic child might be HEPA filters for your central heating and cooling unit.  An enormous quantity of dust, pollen and debris can be sucked in from the outside through your air ducts, and HEPA filters can reduce this by a significant amount.

Finally, you might also consider shopping for natural soaps, as the scents and dyes in regular soap can be a big allergy irritant.

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