How the iPad Looks Set to Change the Way We Read

The digital age is changing the way we receive and store our entertainment.  While DVDs and CDs always seemed small enough for easy storage (unless you had a lot of them, which most people did), they were eclipsed by the introduction of MP3 files and MP3 players (which take up no room at all).  This same technology has now been introduced to books with the eReader.  Why have dozens of shelves bulging with messy paperback books when you can have all your books in one place – in digital form on an eBook Reader. The Kindle and the Nook are two of the most popular eReaders available, but the iPad is quickly gaining popularity over these two dedicated eReaders, which can’t do anything else besides display books.

The iPad was developed to be an eReader, too, especially since the Kindle and the Nook are gaining such notice in the literary community.  It is not hard to see that the publishing world is starting to go the same way that the music and movie world is, and soon all books will be released digitally as well as in hard-copy form.  Readers like choice, and many are now skipping the regular visit to the bookstore and opting instead to download all the latest releases by their favorite authors at the touch of a button.

The iPad creators wanted to capitalize on the new digital movement, so after much hype and many months of development, what consumers got was a cross between the iPhone and the MacBook.  The iPad is capable of almost anything that your laptop can do, and in some cases even more, and it has the ease and convenience of being small enough and light enough to fit into a bag or large purse and be carried around all day, which you can’t do with a laptop. 

Many people buy the iPad because they are curious about eReaders and the new digital publishing age.  Most, however, do not even consider eReaders when they purchase their iPad.  The iPad is an amazing device that can do so many things.  The Internet is right at your fingertips with a 3G network, and design work is easy with the touch screen.  Many people may feel that it is almost a waste to use an iPad just for reading books. However, the iPad is versatile enough to do pretty much anything you want it to do – which was what Apple intended, after all.

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