How to Choose Fashion Accessories to Suit Your Body Type

When you shop for clothing, you need to find items that fit your body properly to flatter your curves and features.  You wouldn’t buy something that is several sizes too large, and you wouldn’t buy a dress that is three sizes too small (or hopefully not).  You want to have something that fits just right, but most people who are accessory shopping don’t even consider the size of the items they are buying.


Small Accessories


As you are shopping for an accessory, you need to consider your body size as well as your own personal tastes.  Smaller jewelry is going to look better and more natural on a smaller frame.  An accessory that is too large on a small frame is going to look out of place, whether it happens to be earrings, a necklace, or even a pair of sunglasses.  This can make you look like a child, which is not a flattering look for any woman.


Large Accessories


Similarly, if you have a fuller body type or you are very tall, wearing tiny little earrings or having a small purse or necklace pendant is going to emphasize your size, whether you mean it to or not.  Think about it – in movies where the film is trying to make a person appear bigger, such as in the family classic ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids,’ they give the ‘big’ actors tiny props to hold and interact with to make the actors look bigger than they really were.  Similarly, in fun-houses, you can take a photo of yourself sitting on a tiny chair at a tiny table to make you look like a giant.  Need I go on?  I hope you’ve got the picture I’m trying to paint here.


How to Buy Accessories to Fit You


A great way to choose an accessory that matches your frame, as well as your style, is to shop around.  If you find something that you like, but the size just doesn’t match your body type, check in other shops to see if you can find something similar.  Chances are that you will be able to find a similar accessory to the one that you initially liked.


Shopping Online


If you are doing your clothes shopping online, it can be a bit more difficult to find an accessory of the right size, simply because pictures don’t always do the products justice.  Make sure that the page with the accessory has some sort of measurements so you can determine if it is going to be the right size for you.

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