How to Make a Handmade Mother’s Day Gift to Wow Mom

If you want to give your mother a sweet treat or a meaningful gift for Mother’s Day, sometimes it is best to create your own instead of heading straight for the nearest candy store.  Not only can this be less expensive, it will show your mother how much you care for her since you took the time to handmake her gift.  


A great gift can be anything from baked-at-home chocolate fudge to a handmade card, but the most important thing to remember is to put as much thought and time into it as you can.


If you personalize your gift idea for your mother, it will be even more meaningful to her.  You can have all of your kids make different cards for her, or you can write her a letter telling her how much she means to you and how much you appreciate everything she has done for you.  Try including a photo of you both on the front, or of the whole family.  Don’t be afraid to tap into your childhood sense of fun and use designs, stamps and stickers to perfect your work of art!

Most mothers have a sweet tooth, and you can never go wrong with her favorite dessert.  Consider baking her a cake with beautiful flower decorations (watch YouTube tutorials if this is your first time), or even bake sugar cookies with heart and flower cutouts.  If she loves fruit, opt for white and dark chocolate covered strawberries, with chocolate-dipped pretzels. You can be sure those will go down a treat!

Knitting a blanket or a scarf for your mother will be a great gift, but it will take some time and skill.  Have a friend teach you the craft, and begin with a simple project, like a scarf.  Choose a color of yarn that your mother often wears, and put a little bit of practice and love into it!  It’s OK if you make mistakes, your mother will love the effort and time you put into her new accessory!

If you enjoy photography, a photo album gift will really make her smile.  It’s a great gift idea for sharing beautiful family pictures, and she will love being able to look at it and show it to her friends.  You can even find digital photo albums online where your album will be printed and mailed to your mother after you make it.  Or you can visit the digital photo printing section at your local Walmart or Target and do it yourself for half the price.

Gift giving can be a challenge, but with love and creativity, it’ll make for a memorable holiday with the woman you love most.

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