How to Make Him the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Are you looking for great Valentine’s gift basket ideas for the man in your life?  Guys can be notoriously hard to shop for, especially when Valentine’s Day rolls around.  Whether you consider your guy to be a big cuddly teddy bear or a macho man, there are certainly a number of great gift basket items that he will love.


One great way to start off the gift basket is to give him a sweatshirt. Consider a favorite sports team, a design he will enjoy based on his favorite music artist, or just something that will show him you have his tastes in mind.  With this as your base, consider other things he likes to fill the gift basket, such as his favorite cologne.  Make a CD of his favorite songs to show that you pay attention to what he likes, as this can go a long way.


Also, consider including tickets to a big game or to a concert that you know he would flip for, or offer a gift certificate to somewhere that he might love to go with his buddies.  If he is always stressed, a massage certificate or a day at a golf course might be just the trick. 


The key is to create a gift basket that you know he will love, and that shows how much he means to you.

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