How to Shop for Maternity Apparel

When you’re an expectant mother, apparel shopping for might not be as enjoyable an experience as usual. This article will provide you with some helpful tips for shopping for maternity apparel:

1. Look for stuff that stretches

The last thing you want to do is buy a bunch of clothes and find that they’re not going to work throughout your entire pregnancy. So look for soft materials that will stretch to accommodate any growth that you might experience, between a 5% and 10% expansion is good for maternity apparel.

2. Go long on dresses and skirts

A dress or skirt that seems long enough at first will rise as your belly expands, so be sure to take this into account when shopping for maternity apparel. Remember also that your breasts will expand during pregnancy as well, which is something to plan for when buying tops.

3. Try stuff on before buying

Trying on apparel might not be something you want to do when you’re out shopping for maternity clothes, but do it anyway, even if you think it’s big enough. Remember also that your body will continue to grow as your baby grows, so plan ahead when trying on your apparel.

4. Don’t fear second hand apparel

What do most women do when they’re done with their pregnancies? Most likely they get rid of their maternity apparel, so why spend extra money on new clothes that you’re only going to wear for ten months? Check into a few thrift stores or second hand apparel stores and see what your options are. With a good wash, your items will look as good as new.

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