Netflix Number One Reasons Why the Online Rental Company Rocks

You’ve probably heard of Netflix by now, but why exactly is it becoming so popular? This company offers rentals on both DVDs and Blu-rays that are shipped directly to your home.  The service is simple to use; you simply go online to your account page on the Netflix site, and and add movies you would like to see onto a digital list (your “queue”). The first available disc is shipped out to you, in the order you chose.  Once you have watched your movie, you send the disc back to Netflix in the prepaid envelope and get the next movie in line sent out. All you pay is your monthly subscription fee.

Another benefit is that Netflix has no late fees, ever.  They very cleverly only allow you to have 3 DVDs at a time though, so you can’t hold onto a DVD forever. If you want to get your next 3 DVDs, you have to return the old ones. That is how the system works and so far it has been wildly successful, with many imitations.

Many of Netflix’s competitors did not last long against the growing video giant, as the service sees prices starting as low as $4.99 per month.  The once-great Blockbuster Video has almost vanished from our high streets thanks in part to the online video revolution.  Netflix also offers well over 100,000 movie titles and over 17,000 titles on “instant watch.”

So why is everyone switching to Netflix? Simply because the service has everything a video lover could ask for.  Sure, you may still find video rental kiosks at your local grocery store, but even these services don’t compare as they charge a dollar a night plus tax for a DVD rental.  Netflix allows you to keep movies as long as you please with no additional fees.

Blockbuster too tried offering a no-fees online service, however, customers found them to be more expensive and lacking when it came to instant viewing.  “Instant watch” is a feature of Netflix that allows you to watch movies and television shows with just a push of a button and on up to six different devices in your home.  Enjoy Netflix films instantly on your laptop, on your home computer or from your video game systems, including as the Wii and the Xbox 360.

Over 10 million subscribers can’t be wrong!  Why not try a free trial of Netflix rentals today and see why this online company is Number One when it comes to movie rentals!

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