The Best Magazine Gift Subscriptions for Men

When you are looking to get the man in your life something special, why not consider a subscription to something he loves to read?  There are plenty of men’s magazines that he would love a subscription to, and today we will look at some of the most popular choices.


FHM and Maxim are both magazines for men.  Typically featuring beautiful ladies on the cover, you may find these a little off-putting to buy yourself, but the glossy covers are all for show (and to get men to buy the magazine!)  These two magazines actually offer in-depth celebrity interviews, great segments on technology, and a sense of humor that many of today’s men’s magazine’s lack.  While not for everyone, both magazines certainly have a large demographic, making them two of the most popular magazines for men available today. 


Esquire magazine is another top choice.  Eloquent, stylish, and informative, this magazine offers the best in technology, fashion, and more.  There are often excellent literary pieces included as well, making this magazine a little more highbrow.


If technology is his thing, consider a subscription to a magazine such as PC world or PlayStation magazine.  While not specifically magazines for men, both have a popular and primarily male fan base.


Rolling Stone is a great choice for the music lover in your life, while Mental Floss is great for the trivia buff on your gift list.  While neither is a magazine written exclusively for men, both have universal appeal, with the latter offering trivia and humorous educational stories designed to appeal to both the right and the left half of the brain.


Overall, men’s magazines subscriptions make excellent gifts.  Head to your nearest bookstore to pick up a copy of your chosen magazine and fill out the ‘gift subscription’ postcard inside, or try a book site like Amazon, which offers large discounts if you order 6 months or a year’s magazine subscription online. 


When you aren’t sure what to give to the man who has everything, give these magazines some consideration to make the man in your life happier and even a bit more well read.

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