Tips For Buying The Right Shoes For Children

Buying new shoes for children can sometimes seem like a futile task.  After all, children grow so quickly that it seems like the shoes no longer fit after just a matter of months.  However quickly children outgrow shoes, it’s a matter of fact that they need them.  But when your children are not excited about shopping for new shoes, the task can be that much harder for parents.  Keep in mind a few simple tips when buying shoes for your children, and things will go more smoothly in the future.


You should seek out a store that primarily sells shoes for children.  These stores will have employees that are well versed in entertaining your children, quickly measuring for sizes, and completing your sale promptly.  You may be surprised at how much more bearable the whole task is when it goes by quickly.  Just remember not to purchase the most expensive shoes for your children, unless there is a special occasion that calls for them such as a wedding.  Children grow too quickly to pay top dollar for shoes every time.


Here’s a quick tip – it’s generally a good idea to shop for shoes in the afternoon or evening, because feet tend to swell during the day.  If you buy shoes in the morning, your kids could complain that they are too small by that night.  however, you should never buy shoes that are more than one size too large for your child, because this can lead to accidents and injuries if the shoes cause your children to trip.  For this reason, you should also avoid backless or slip-on shoes, and any kind of high-heeled shoes for young girls, as this can lead to not only accidents but in tendon and calf problems if they wear the shoes regularly over an extended period of time. If not treated (by the removal of the shoes), these problems can become permanent.

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