Applying Smokey Eye Makeup For Beginners

The smokey eye look is one of the most popular looks for women right now; a trend that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.  If this is a look that you are hoping to achieve for yourself without visiting a professional make up artist, the following tips will help you get it right.

To perfect this look, you will want to start by prepping your eyelid with primer.  Once this has dried, you will want to use a dark colored eyeliner to trace the top of the lash line, making the line a bit thicker in the middle.  You will want to make a line along the bottom lash as well, wider at the outside of your eye, smudging it a bit with the tip of your finger when you are finished.

Next, apply a light base over the lid of the eye all the way up to your brow bone.  A brown or cream color will work well.  When this is done, use an eye shadow brush to add a darker color starting at the lash line and working your way upward.  Make sure that dark color stops at the crease and blend the colors together as well as possible.

When you are done, step back and examine the eye.  If you need to blend more, consider using a cotton swab.  Add a number of coats of mascara to each eye when you have finished and finally, curl the lashes if you desire.  The end result should be a smokey eye look that is as sexy as it is fabulous.

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