Beverages That Will Keep Children Healthy

Having trouble finding healthy beverages for your kids?  By now, you have figured out that soda pop and children don’t mix well.  So, what are some healthy (but yummy) beverages you can offer your thirsty children?

Milk has a good reputation for being a healthy beverage, but children should drink it in moderation.  Milk is high in fat and contains unhealthy ingredients if you buy standard milk. Low fat (2%) organic milk is the best choice.

This may surprise you, but many nutritionists are now advising parents to leave fruit juice off of your children’s beverage list.  Fruit juice contains added sugar, and even 100% real fruit juice has an abundance of natural sugar.  The healthiest fruit juice recommended is 100% pure orange juice, which has 22 grams of sugar for an eight-ounce glass.

If your child isn’t interested in drinking regular water, give them the option of sparkling water.  You could add some natural flavor to it by adding a slice of lemon or lime or just a teaspoon of pure fruit juice.  Another popular healthy beverage choice is fruit smoothies.  They are certainly not a 24-7 drink, as they are made from real fruit and thus high in sugar.  However, smoothies are healthy beverages, and contain many healthy vitamins (and are very tasty)!

Remember, the human body thrives when it has a healthy supply of water.  The best healthy beverages are made mostly of water and do not contain high amounts of sugar or fat.  If you want to give your child a soda pop occasionally, opt for soda made with cane sugar instead of chemically enhanced high fructose corn syrup or refined (bleached) sugar, which can cause behavioral disorders. You can find these natural sodas right next to the regular sodas, or in the health food section of your supermarket.

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