Building Immunity Against Colds Naturally
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The common cold is a common ailment, but it is one that can leave you feeling achy and low for days.  One of the best things you can do about a cold is to keep from getting it at all.  Hand washing is a great start, but what you really need is immunity.  When you want to prevent colds, there is more that you can do besides getting more sleep and taking vitamins.  Here, we will examine three foods that boost the immune system.


Zinc Rich Foods
Zinc has been proven to be a wondrous mineral when it comes to cold prevention, and foods rich in it are among the best at preventing colds.  Oysters and whole grains are excellent sources of zinc, and frequent consumption is great for keeping colds away.


Citrus Fruit
There is always a lot of talk about getting extra vitamin C into your diet during cold season, and what better way than with citrus fruit?  Delicious and packed with lots of other nutrients, grapefruits, oranges, and the like are wonderful for preventing colds.


Green Veggies
Ever since we were small, we were told that eating green veggies was healthy for us.  This is certainly true, and when it comes to preventing colds, they are among the best foods to choose.  Green veggies such as spinach or turnip greens are packed with Vitamin E, which is one of the best immune boosters.


When you want to prevent colds by boosting immunity, adding more of these foods to your diet will give you the best chance at staying healthy this cold season.

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