How to Avoid Making the Top 10 Most Common Parenting Mistakes

No parent can truly say that raising kids is easy.  While parenting mistakes will happen along the way, it will help to be aware of common problems that parents have while trying raise their kids with care. 


Here are the Top 10 ‘Deadly Sins’ of parenting:


#10: Lack of Consistency


If you are co-parenting, make sure that you agree on the rules of the household.  Consistency is key with children.  A common mistake made among parents is to confuse their children by implementing contrasting disciplinary measures.  Once you have laid out a rule, enforce it.


#9: Lack of Routine


You will find that a solid routine will not only create better behavior in your children, they will also feel more at ease.  Children thrive on routine.  A regular schedule will make parenting easier while helping your children to feel a sense of security.


#8: Using Labels When Disciplining


Many parents will call their children names to describe their behavior.  For instance, if you consistently tell your son that he is acting like a baby, he will confirm the label you’ve given to him.  Instead, let your child know that they are not behaving in an acceptable manner for a grown-up boy of his age.  Instead of calling your daughter a bad girl, tell her that her behavior is not appropriate and that you know she is better than that.


#7: Lack of Boundaries


Children are masters at testing their parents’ boundaries.  Don’t make the mistake of allowing your children to surpass your boundaries.  Of course, it is important to use appropriate disciplinary methods for the age of your child so that they learn to respect the guidelines you have set.


#6: No Positive Reinforcement


A mistake that many parents make is to only comment on their child’s behavior when they are doing something that is not appropriate.  Providing positive reinforcement when your child demonstrates good behavior will encourage them to repeat such behavior.


#5: Ignoring Bad Behavior


While it is important to reinforce positive behavior with praise, it is equally important to not let kids get away with disrespectful behavior.  To teach respect, you must show respect yourself.  Talk to your children with a calm voice and try to be reasonable and logical, even if you are upset.  They will learn to master their behavior and do the same.


#4: Not Allowing Your Child to Be Heard


It is important for the well being of your child that they feel they are being listened to.  If your child would like to talk with you, no matter how trivial their problem seems, don’t make the mistake of giving them only part of your attention.  Your book or TV show will still be there in 10 minutes, whereas feeling ignored by a parent can create a scar that can last a lifetime.  Take a moment to really listen.


#3: Too Much Unhealthy Food


It would be difficult to find a child that will say no to junk food in the house or at a fast food restaurant.  It is your job as a parent to make sure that your child is eating well.  Avoid the mistake of keeping junk food in the home, and avoid junk food establishments when eating out.  Too much sugar and refined foods will greatly affect your child’s behavior for the worse.


#2: Not Spending Adequate Time with Your Child


Children will act out when they are not getting enough attention from their parents.  Spend time with your child doing the things they love to do and they will grow up with a sense of integrity and self-respect.  Take them fishing, go to their soccer practice or dance class, or even just establish a routine of walking around your neighborhood with them for 20 minutes each night to walk to dog and talk about your day.  Time spent with them is the important thing, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing.


#1: Lack of Affection and Love


Children who do not receive affection and love from their parents often feel insecure.  Take time often to show your child that you love them and that they are very important to you.


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