How to Exercise While Sitting Down at Work
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Time is in short supply for most people working full time and trying to raise a family.  Sometimes exercising or hitting the gym is the lowest priority when kids are screaming and you’ve just gotten home from an exhausting day at work.  However, there are many ways that exercising while sitting at a desk is still possible.  Here are a few.


Use a Stability ball


One of the best ways to exercise at your desk (if office policy allows it) is to replace your desk chair with a stability ball.  You can even find stability-ball style chairs for your desk.  This helps keep your posture right and you burn calories by simply stabilizing your body on the chair.


Step up – Under the Desk


Another simple way is to buy a miniature stair-stepper.  Place this under your desk and in front of your chair.  Throughout the day, simply put your feet on the device and ‘walk’ your feet under the desk, while sitting down.  While this type of exercise is not going to burn a ton of calories all at once, it will give you better fitness and energy throughout the day by keeping your blood circulating better.

Use a Hand Gripper


To strengthen your hands and wrists, purchase a hand gripper.  These can be bought at any sporting goods store for under $10, and are a good investment if you type all day and suffer from sore hands or wrists.  You can use the hand gripper while making phone calls or reading emails, and the band is great for a stretching exercise.  Increase the ‘stiffness’ or resistance of the device for an increased hand and forearm workout, and you’ll enjoy greater grip strength and better blood flow to your hands.  This is a great exercise if you suffer from poor circulation or cold hands at work.

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