How to Make an Interfaith Relationship Work

Faith is a powerful thing, and can have dramatic repercussions on your life.  It can even cause problems in a relationship, especially if you are an interfaith couple.  Does having two faiths in a relationship mean that it is doomed from the outset?  Actually, these can be made to work, but it does require some effort.  Interfaith relationships can be very difficult, but also very rewarding.


According to recent studies, almost one quarter of all couples in the US are interfaith.  Obviously, not that many are going to fail, but to keep your interfaith love on the upswing, you need to do a few things.


The first thing to do is to keep the lines of communication open.  Interfaith relationships will have more trials and tribulations than those where both parties share the same faith.  By ensuring that you can communicate well with each other, you can overcome many of the same hurdles.


Another significant tip for interfaith couples is to be willing to compromise.  If you insist on having everything your way, then your relationship will never work.  While your faith is important, so is the faith of your partner.  Honor that and compromise over how and when you celebrate holidays, attend church or religious worship services and generally practice your faith.


Interfaith relationships also need to be very understanding.  You need to be sensitive to the feelings and needs of your interfaith partner, and he or she needs to do the same for you.  Insensitivity can leave scars that result in the failure of your relationship.

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