How to Treat and Prevent Motion Sickness

For those prone to it, motion sickness can be a significant problem.  It can keep you from riding in a car, getting on a boat, taking an airplane or even having fun at a theme park.  However, there are many treatment options for motion sickness, as well as ways that you can prevent it from happening at all.


Eat Lightly


One of the best ways to help prevent motion sickness from happening is to eat lightly before traveling or riding anything.  Crackers can be good things to help calm your stomach, or even sucking on a lemon can help, as well.


Ride in the Front Seat


Often, riding in front of a vehicle can help you avoid or reduce the symptoms of motion sickness.  This is easiest when riding in a car or on a boat, though.  If you cannot take a position near the front, keep your head facing your direction of travel.  The symptoms of motion sickness can be considerably more problematic if you face toward the sides or in the opposite direction.


Take Ginger


Another way that you can deal with motion sickness is to sip on ginger ale or even chew a bit of ginger.  Powdered ginger can also help here, but this should be taken half an hour before traveling.  Keeping the window open while you travel can also help you deal with motion sickness.


Try Medications


Finally, there are over-the-counter medications that can help with motion sickness.  Dramamine is perhaps the best known, but others include Bonine and Motion Eaze, all of which will help reduce the symptoms and make traveling more enjoyable.

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