Is Pilates Exercise Good for Overall Fitness?

When you look in your local newspaper for exercise classes, there is one word that is cropping up more and more.  Pilates.  Because it is often grouped with yoga, there are many people who believe it to be the same thing. There are certainly enough differences, however, to put the two forms of exercise into completely different classes.

Today, we will look at what Pilates is and whether or not it is a great exercise program.

When you want to boost overall fitness, Pilates may actually be a good choice.  The Pilates method works to increase flexibility, strength, and bodily control.  The founder of Pilates believed that the key to achieving this was in strengthening the body’s core, namely the torso and buttocks. There are various exercises and pieces of equipment designed to help with this, including resistance bands and exercise balls.

There are six overall principles of Pilates, and it is through master of these that students begin to see the results they are looking for.  These principles include concentration, control, centering, flow (of movement), precision, and breathing.

Pilates has shown to be a very effective form of exercise, even for pregnant women, who are often advised to abstain from exercise.  The principles in the workout are fairly straightforward, and many find that it not only improves movement and flexibility, but overall fitness, posture, and even health.  Much like yoga, Pilates focuses heavily on the mind-body connection.

Exercise and fitness are important aspects of daily life for a growing number of people these days, and with so many showing great results from proper Pilates training, it is little wonder why so many people are considering it.

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