Learning Brain Training Tips for Better Exercise

The desire to give up in the middle of a gym workout may have to do with physical stress or exhaustion, but in almost all cases, the desire is largely mental.  We as a society have become accustomed to living sedentary lifestyles, and breaking ourselves of these habits takes hard work. Let’s examine some brain training exercises to help us better our exercise habits.

Believe it or not, the best brain training exercise… is to exercise.  When you work out, you are releasing hormones that give you a mental feeling of happiness, pleasure, and calm.  A great workout can also give you more energy and can make it easier to concentrate and remember things throughout the day.  By using exercise itself as a form of brain training, you will actually give yourself greater stamina and focus.

Positive affirmations are another great form of brain training.  Our lifestyles, diets, and stress levels have led to a nation where a majority of people experience at least minor depression.  One of the biggest symptoms of depression is lethargy and unwillingness to exercise.  Brain training via positive affirmations can help you feel happier and more motivated.  Doing this can be as simple as putting a positive phrase on your mirror and saying it ten times every morning.  Great phrases include “I will lose weight” or “I will be happy and successful today”.

Using exercise and positive affirmations are wonderful methods of brain training.  With a bit of hard work, effort, and determination, you can increase your stamina in no time.

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