Make a Fitness Calendar to Keep Your Exercise Routine on Track

A fitness calendar is the perfect way to stay on track with your exercise goals.  Because it’s easier to stay motivated if you see your own progress, it’s important to keep a written record of your fitness routine.  All you need is a calendar from your local office supply store to get started.


First, mark on your calendar which days you’re going to work out, and write exactly what you’re going to do each day.  For example, one day may be running for 30 minutes, and another day may be lifting weights for 30 minutes.  Be as specific as you can about the time frame so that you can keep that time sacred for your workout.


Next, take inventory of how your calendar looks.  Are you doing repetitive exercises each week?  You don’t want to get bored, so make sure that your routine is varied.  Create a non-food incentive to motivate you to meet your fitness goals, e.g., buying a new top or treating yourself to a movie ticket each month if you’ve stuck with your program.


At the end of each month, make a note of positive strides you’ve made and record it on your fitness calendar.  If you’ve worked your way up from 20 sit-ups to 50, note the improvement.  If you’ve lost three inches around your waist, be sure to record that, too.  Depending upon your fitness objectives, it’s smart to measure your improvement as you go.  Your goal should be realistic and measurable.


By using a calendar, you’ll be able to hold yourself accountable, ensuring that your entire plan doesn’t fall by the wayside or get pushed out by other events in your life.

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