Simple Aids to Help You Quit Smoking

The first and best aid when you are trying to quit smoking is your own desire.  You need to want to stop smoking, and you’ll have to develop a mindset that lets you enter the battle against nicotine with a fighting chance.  Of course, most people aren’t going to be able to quit on willpower alone, so you will want to have a few tools that you can add to your arsenal in this war.  Here are a few.


One of the simplest ways to start the fight is to add some sugarless gum or sugar free lollipops to your grocery list.  Whenever you have a craving for a cigarette, grab a piece of gum or a lollipop to help stop the craving.  You won’t be able to quit cold turkey with this method, but you will be able to starve off the cravings for a little while, and you might be able to cut down on the amount that you are smoking.

Another option is the patch.  The nicotine patch releases small amounts of nicotine into your body so that you do not have the nicotine cravings.  You can buy these cheaply from any drugstore without a prescription.  They also happen to make gum and lozenges that have nicotine in them that can help to satisfy the need for smoking.


A new option on the market is the electronic cigarettes.  For those who enjoy the act of smoking as much as the nicotine, you can use these electronic devices to have the feeling of smoking without getting all of the tar and chemicals.  They release quite a large amount of nicotine, though, so they won’t help wean you off the real thing; they merely make getting your nicotine fix slightly less damaging to your lungs.


If you can afford a trip to the doctor, consider Chantex. This is one of the latest anti-smoking drugs.  It works by blocking the ‘hit’ you get from smoking.  While you’re taking Chantex (a small daily pill), you can smoke all you like but you won’t feel any reward.  At the same time, the drug reduces your cravings for nicotine.  Eventually, your body learns that smoking is no longer pleasurable and stops craving that cigarette, allowing you to go cold turkey within just a couple of weeks.  Chantex is highly effective, although can cause exceptionally vivid dreams, so if you are the imaginative type, be warned that you’re in for a wild ride!  Check with your doctor to learn about any other side effects and possible drug interactions before taking it.


Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but with the right aid, it is possible.  You may easily find that quitting smoking will require you to try many different methods, or a combination of the above, but that you will eventually succeed at overcoming your addiction.

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