What Your Favorite Snack Foods Reveal About Your Personality

If you are like most people, you crave certain types of food as snacks throughout the week.  Often, the cravings are for food that isn’t very healthy.  This can lead to major binges, whether you prefer to eat out at local restaurants, or curl up on the couch with a bag of Cheetos. Salty and sweet options are the main offenders when it comes to people giving in to their cravings, as we are hard-wired to biologically prefer these foods over other, more healthy options.  Some experts, including those at the Smell & Taste Research Center in Chicago, believe that the cravings can actually give insight into your personality.


Those who crave salty food are generally the type of people who don’t let too many external factors bother them.  They are along for the ride through life and don’t believe that they are in control of their own fate.  They often believe that external forces, perhaps fate or a higher power, are more in control of their lives than they are.


People who crave sweet food sometimes use it to help improve their mood or to increase energy.  Some of the personality traits common in these individuals is that they are a bit wilder and less controlled than others.  They are self-indulgent people and they want to stand apart from the crowd.


When people crave salty and sweet food together, studies show that the people are most often intelligent and creative, although loners who like their privacy.


While all this may sound like psychological hocus pocus, many researchers have found that these food and personality findings have a very practical basis.  Of course, you might just simply like the taste of pretzels.  The next time you head out for snack food, stop for a moment and see if any of the above actually applies to you.  You might be surprised at what your taste in food reveals about your personality!

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