College Funds: When to Begin Investing

All parents want their children to go on to do bigger and better things.  This usually requires that they go on to college from high school.  So when should you start saving and investing for your child’s future education?

The answer is immediately.  College is getting more and more expensive by the year, and if you do not begin investing as soon as possible, you might find that sending your children on to centers of higher education can be almost impossible.  Ideally, you will begin investing for your child’s future education at birth, or shortly thereafter.


If you begin investing and saving money during your child’s early years, you will have time to let that investment accrue interest, building on your initial capital by a considerable amount.  In addition, you should ensure that you are investing anything you can, even if it is only a few dollars per week.  While the average cost of a college education today is enormously high, having even the basic foundation can be of immense benefit to your child in the future.


You also need to choose the right investing option.  You want good potential for growth, but you want to avoid risks, as well.  Often, a simple savings account can be the best way to do this, though there are specific investing vehicles designed for saving for college.  The point is to ensure the safety of those funds while they grow, so that they’re available to your child when they’re needed.

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