Learning about Green Investing and Green Stocks

Have you heard about green investing? This is something that requires a bit of research because it can include stocks, mutual funds, and other traditional investment vehicles, and which requires the company to demonstrate that social and environmental concerns are a priority.


This means that someone interested in green investing will have to first identify companies that have missions or policies directed at improving the world around them, and then to determine if such companies are open for investment. This demonstrates an interesting factor about green investing; and that is that it may not be all about profitability. Consider that a buyer might do some green investing simply to support a Startup or new company that is dedicated to making positive changes but which may not offer growth stocks to investors.


Is there a big difference between green investing and growth investing? There can be, but it is also interesting to note that people will frequently select companies for green investing because they use green technologies rather than produce green products. For example, a company that offsets its carbon footprint through 100% purchases of alternative energy credits can be just as much a form of green investing as stocks purchased in a company known for geothermal power plants.


So, green investing can mean that the buyer researches and assesses a company to see if its policies are in line with the overall “green movement”, or green investing can be buying shares of companies that are geared at producing products or services that benefit the environment or society. Either way, they tend to be smart decisions that will usually pay off over the long term, both in your bank account, and in the planet we live on.

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