Public School vs. Private School: Which is Better for Your Child?

Every parent knows that finding the right school for your child is one of the most important responsibilities a parent has.  But which is better: public school or private school? 


Fact #1: Some of the top high schools in the nation – ones that have International Baccalaureate programs – are public schools.  Likewise, there are a number of private schools with unorthodox, religion-based teaching methods that may leave a child without the necessary technological skills or scientific knowledge to thrive at an Ivy League school in the future.

Fact #2: In order to assess the public school system in your district, be sure to look at how often the school funding levy has passed in the last five years, and at the overall amount that your school district has to spend.  Then, find out what percentage goes into actual education.  You can live in one of the best-funded school districts in the state, but if 50 percent of the budget goes into football, you’ll find that the middle school textbooks can be 10 years old.  This does not make for a good learning environment for your child.

Fact #3: When looking at private school options, be sure to find out the school’s retention rates, as well as their test scores.  Low retention rates mean parents who didn’t think the school was worth the sticker price, or a school that removes students with low scores so as not to upset their academic stats.

Armed with the right questions, choosing a public or private school that’s right for your child will be an easier task.

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