Top 10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

The Internet is full of many business opportunities and ways to make money.  However, as with any moneymaking endeavor, the only way that you will be successful is if you treat it as a business and learn the best methods to increase your online earning potential.  The following are the top 10 ways to make money online today – legitimately.


Top 10 Real Online Money-Making Opportunities


1. Become an Affiliate


Be an affiliate for various types of products and services.  In order to be successful in this venture, you will need to know about marketing on the web, as well as how to get people to your site so they can click through and buy the products that you are advertising as an affiliate.  You will get a small commission each time somebody clicks each advert on your site.


2. Sell Digital Books Online. 


The e-book market is growing on a daily basis and the boom is likely going to last for some time.  Fiction and nonfiction alike are easier to put online than at any time in the past.  You have to write well, and you must write books that people will want to read.  You must also learn how to price and market your book appropriately.  It’s a great way to earn some extra money, and many people are making a living doing this.


3. Start a Blog and Earn Cash From Google Adsense. 


You can put advertising on your blog site with Google AdSense and make money each time somebody clicks the ad.  You can also find companies that are in your blog’s niche and approach them about advertising possibilities.


4. Sell Online Through Sites Such as eBay.  


Online auction sites are still popular, and if you have access to goods that you think you can sell, it can be a great way to make money.


5. Use Your Artistic Skills and Start Selling Items Through CaféPress.  


The startup costs are minimal, and you will be able to sell a host of different products through the company.


6. Be a Freelance Editor. 


If you have experience editing, proofreading or doing graphic design, you might want to work as a freelancer helping self-publishing authors with their books.  Because e-books are growing so quickly, authors need to have quality covers and another set of eyes on their products.  This area of business has great potential in the coming years.


7. Turn Your Hobby Into Cash Online. 


Soap makers, artists, jewelry makers and more have been using sites, such as Etsy, to sell their homemade wares for years.


8. Write Articles. 


You can write for sites that pay when people click on them to read them or when they click through to another advertiser.  The key to making money here is being prolific.  The more articles you write, the better your chance of making real money.


9. Design Web Pages. 


Learn web design and start helping people build and create their web pages.  An artistic eye, as well as good design sense for business-oriented sites, will be helpful to grow a large client base so you can make money.


10. Photographers Can Make Money Online, Too. 


Many sites are available that will host your photos and allow you to sell them.  You can sell the rights to the photos or you can sell prints.  Try sites such as Thinkstock, Jupiter Images, or Getty Images if you wish to upload your shots to a stock photo company.  There are dozens more out there!

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