Wow Your Loved One With These Great Gift Ideas Without Spending a Fortune!

We all have that certain someone we’d like to impress. Whether you’re dating them already or hoping to date them, here’s how to get attention from that special person, without spending a fortune.

If you’ve been admiring from afar and now want to make your move, you’ll probably want to make 100% sure that your surprise will go down well and that you will impress them rather than scare them! Find out (discretely, of course) what your crushes favorite activities are. Then look to your social network and local community to see how you can cater to that.

For instance, if you have it on good authority that your delectable neighbor loves the Yankees, call your local sports stadium and ask about promotional giveaways well ahead of time. Some teams will give free tickets to people who donate small sums to their favorite charities.

If  you’re wanting to impress an existing girlfriend or boyfriend, a meal out is always appreciated. Try looking on Groupon, which offers discounted meals out and vouchers for special events in your local neighborhood, such as cut-price spa deals or even romantic cruises! Or go through Craigslist and Ebay and look for people selling unwanted gift cards to fancy restaurants. (Be sure to check with the restaurant ahead of time that the gift card is still good!) Then tell your guy or girl that dinner is on you tonight for a guaranteed happy partner or just try these amazing DIY home decor ideas that don’t cost a pretty penny.

Finally, remember that romance and impressing people isn’t always about throwing money around. The simplest gestures are often the ones that are most appreciated. An easy way to melt your loved one’s heart and impress them is to make them a simple card by hand. Grab some printer paper, fold it in half, and draw a picture on the front (or stick on a photo of the two of you if you can’t draw). Then write a few lines inside thanking them for something they did for you recently. Give it to them over a home-cooked dinner, or slip it under their pillow before you leave for the night, so they’ll find it when they go to bed. You’ll be surprised at how much they appreciate it.

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