Best Foods to Eat Based on Your Blood Type

Genetics plays an important role in forming who you are and what you look like.  You’ll find that genetics determines your hair and eye color, how tall you’ll grow and even what diseases you are more susceptible to.  However, it might also play a role in the nutrition you gain from food.  Your blood type can be a significant factor in how your body digests and uses the food that you eat.


How can your blood type affect the way your body processes food?  While this might seem to fly in the face of modern nutrition, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that your body processes food different from those with other blood types. 


For instance, those with type O blood should follow a high protein, low-carb diet, while those with type A blood should follow a low fat, vegetable-based diet.  Those with B and AB blood types, usually benefit from an omnivorous diet.


All blood groups will find that different food types will have very different effects on your body and your health, from increasing your weight to contributing to some types of medical conditions, including allegories and headaches.


Personalized food plans should be built on your blood type, as well as on your preferences.  However, these plans should not be limited to the food that you eat – they should incorporate lifestyle changes, as well.  With the right plan for living, better health can certainly be attained. 


See your doctor for a simple blood test to determine your blood type.  Visiting a blood donation bank will also pay off as you’ll be given a card with your exact blood type on it.  This card can prove truly lifesaving in the case of your own medical emergency.

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