Hints for Cooking the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perfection when cooking usually relies on the preferences of those eating the final product.  Chocolate chip cookies are especially hard to bake, because everyone has a different idea about what the perfect cookie tastes like.  So begin by asking your family what kind of cookies they like best, and then follow these tips to get the best results for either chewy or crunchy cookies.


For cooking soft and chewy cookies, you want to retain moisture.  This means that you need to add just a little extra flour to the recipe to keep the dough from spreading during cooking.  Less liquid evaporates, and the cookies come out thicker.  This traps the chocolate chips, making them melt and stay soft as the heat is retained by the dough.  Use larger portions of dough, too, to keep the cookies from spreading too thin.  Cooking them for a shorter time at a higher temperature will make them firm quicker and also minimize the spreading.


If your audience prefers a crunchy cookie, then you just need to cut down on the moisture when baking.  This will allow moisture to evaporate more quickly, which will then make the cookies spread during cooking.  By cooking them longer at a lower temperature, the cookies have time to spread out a bit before they get firm.  The chocolate chips will be hard, as they will set much quicker when trapped in thinner, harder cookies.


Most people agree that the recipe on the back of the Toll House chocolate chips is the perfect recipe, so buy a bag and check it out for one of the best choc-chip cookie recipes of all time.  Be sure to use all natural ingredients when cooking, too.  The new, low-fat, low-sodium baking ingredients can completely change the appearance and texture of your cookies, even if you’ve made them perfectly before.  With a little practice, you’ll find you can make perfect cookies every time.

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