How to Make Creative Cocktail Garnishes

If you are planning the cocktail party of the century, it is only right that you have the best and most original garnish ideas available.  Everyone expects a lime in their gin and tonics, or maybe a cherry in their Tom Collins.  What if you could surprise everyone with a beautiful and unexpected cocktail garnish in their drink? 


With some creativity and a bit of fearlessness, you can present some amazing cocktails at your next party, so start thinking outside the box.

Garnish Ideas for Sweet or Savory Drinks

Fruit is probably the most popular garnish for drinks, and that opens up a wide door of possibilities.  Citrus, such as oranges, lemons and limes work well with most liquor drinks, and most people are accustomed to the sight of a citrus wedge perched on the edge of a glass. 


But what if you could find a more creative and visually pleasing way to present the fruit?  Lemon wheels are much prettier than wedges, and they are just as easy to prepare.  The same goes for any other citrus fruit that you might desire.  If the cocktail you are preparing is especially sweet, you could offer a selection of these fruits together on one spear.  The flavors of the orange, lemon, and lime in particular combine to give the drink a whole new taste, and your guests would have to agree that you have found a winning combination.

For savory drinks, such as a Bloody Mary, you can really get creative.  Many people expect to see celery or even olives, but these are not your only options.  You could really wow your guests with a spear of dill pickle in the drink, or you could include a banana pepper.  The sky really is the limit, so you shouldn’t allow yourself to be hemmed in by what others consider normal.

Completely Outside the Box Cocktail Garnish

You’ve seen that there are ways to mix up the usual, but what about throwing in the unusual?  If you are having a summer party with iced cocktails, you might consider topping your glasses with sugared violets for a pretty and colorful garnish.  You can also freeze your fruit, mint leaves, or flowers into ice cubes for a very different appearance.  You still get the benefit of the flavors, but the presentation is definitely original.

If you need a rim for your martini cocktails, you can certainly find plenty of colored salt and sugar.  Have you ever considered crushed candy canes for a sweet and minty treat?  This is an excellent rim for any chocolate cocktail.  Coconut is also a very different ingredient for a glass rim, and it also works well with chocolate drinks, as well as any other tropical style cocktail you might wish to present. 


For some of the sweet and sour cocktails that you wish to garnish, you can roll the glasses in crushed hard candies.  This will give you the chance to really enjoy a concoction of all the flavors.  If you’re willing to really try new things, then there is no way to fail.

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