How to Make Egg Foo Yung

Get out of your foodie box and try something original.  Egg foo yung is a dish you likely have never tried, even at your favorite Asian restaurant, but now you can impress your friends by serving up this mean meal!

If you love the taste of Chinese cuisine, you will find that making egg foo yung is actually very simple.  With this recipe, you can have your new favorite meal and enjoy a short prep time. 


You will need:


A cup of chopped chicken, two tablespoons of butter, a can of bean sprouts and half a cup of chopped onion.  You will also need half a cup of chopped celery, a tablespoon of parsley, six slightly beaten eggs and a tablespoon of salt.




To make your egg foo yung, brown the chicken in the butter.  Once browned, add the bean sprouts, the celery and the onion.  Add the parsley, as well.  You should cook this for a few minutes until the onion is translucent, and then allow it to cool.


For your egg foo yung, you now need to spoon the mixture from the pan into the eggs in a bowl.  Strain out the liquid at the bottom of the pan.  Now, add the salt to your egg mix.  Stir it all thoroughly.  Pour a quarter cup of this mix into hot fat and then flatten it into a cake.  Cook your egg foo yung until it is brown on both sides.


Making the sauce for your egg foo yung will require the juice from the chicken mix, a cup of bean sprouts, a tablespoon of cornstarch, a teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of soy sauce.  Add all of the juices together and bring it to a boil. 


Now it’s time to blend the cornstarch and sugar in a small amount of the liquid and add to the boiling sauce.  Add the soy sauce when this mix has thickened.

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