Use Up Your Thanksgiving Leftovers by Making Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

The fall and winter months are prime soup time.  This gives you an excellent way to get rid of some of your Thanksgiving leftovers, too.  You can make restaurant-quality turkey and wild rice soup to give your family a healthy, great tasting treat.  If you want rid your fridge of Thanksgiving turkey, this option will make it go quick.


To start using up your Thanksgiving leftovers, you will need two cups of white and dark turkey meat.  This should be shredded and about a half inch in size.  You need three quarts of chicken stock, a diced carrot, two-thirds cup of wild rice, two diced potatoes, two tablespoons of thyme, a tablespoon of salt and half a cup of cream.


The first step in preparing this Thanksgiving leftover meal is to put your stock in a pot and bring it to a simmer.  Add your potatoes and carrot to the stock, as well as the wild rice.  Cover this and let it simmer on medium heat for about thirty minutes or so. 


Now, you need to add the Thanksgiving turkey, as well as your other ingredients, but leave the cream out for now.  Simmer for another fifteen to thirty minutes.  Remove from the heat and stir in your cream – now it’s time to enjoy!


You can garnish this Thanksgiving leftover meal with numerous vegetables, such as peas, or green beans.  Parsley is also a popular option here. This hearty meal will rapidly become a wintertime favorite for your family.

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