What are the Most Unusual Cocktails in the World?

When you go on vacation, it is your chance to experience new and unusual food and drink.  Everyone enjoys a great adventure, and if you enjoy cocktails, a vacation is a great time to see what’s being served at establishments across the map.  

If you are visiting Akron, Ohio, one of the cocktails you absolutely must experience is offered at Ken Stewart’s Grille.  For only ten dollars, you can enjoy a martini that has a baby octopus on the top.  That’s certain to go into the memory books!

If you are headed down south, Raleigh, North Carolina has a treat you will definitely want to experience.  Head over to Bogart’s American Grill, and you can enjoy a drink they have named the Bubblicious Cocktail.  These unique cocktails are made from a shot of vodka that has been soaked with flavored bubble gum for several days.  There are also drinks on offer made with jolly rancher candies that offer a sweet taste with a bite.

If you are looking for the most expensive cocktails in the world, look no farther than Modiva in London, England.  Here, you can get a cocktail that will set you back 35 thousand British pounds (about $60,000).  Definitely on the list of most outrageous cocktails, this beverage includes Cristal Rose champagne, Louis XII cognac, an eleven carat white diamond ring in the glass, and edible gold flakes. 

Whether you are looking for cocktails that are tasty or just simply extravagant, vacations are all about experiencing the unique things in life.  While most people won’t be dropping a year’s salary on the London option, these other cocktails are certain to please almost anyone.

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