What Health Risks Does Fried Food Cause?

Many people in the U.S. love fried food, whether it’s KFC, fries from Wendy’s or fried frog legs from the state fair.  It tastes great, but with the variety of fried food available at fast food restaurants and with the trend of fried butter or fried Twinkies, you may quickly find the pounds creeping on to your waistline.  Although we all try to ignore the side effects of fried food, there are a few that just can’t squeak by.


Heart Disease and LDL


One of the most dangerous health hazards associated with those who eat too much fried food is heart disease.  The foods, cooked in vegetable oil, contain trans fats.  These fats can increase the amount of LDL cholesterol in the body.  LDL, the bad cholesterol, can clog your arteries, which leads to a higher risk of suffering a heart attack or a stroke.  This type of food can also lead to diabetes, obesity, acne, heartburn, cancer and general stomach pain. 


Although it’s extremely unhealthy, companies use trans fats to make food because it’s cheaper than the alternative, and many people prefer the richer taste that it provides. However, that great taste may land you in the hospital in ten or twenty years time with a heart attack, so act now and avoid trans fats to help your health in the future.


Alternatives to Fried Food


Try to find some alternatives to fried food when you are cooking your meals.  Try baking instead, where baked fries even taste better than when it’s fried.  The taste of the food, while it might not be the same as fried food, is still very good.  When you consider just how much better it is for your health, it is easy to see that it is worth the compromise in taste to prevent life-threatening conditions.

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