Why Tam O’Shanter is One of the Most Famous Restaurants in LA

Tam O’Shanter has been a fixture in Los Angeles for more than 80 years, and the same family that opened the restaurant is still running it.  The restaurant is different from many of the modern locations that you can find around the city.


Tam O’Shanter is a Tudor inn styled eatery that creates an atmosphere of a bygone era.  The restaurant has been very popular with celebrities throughout the years, including old school Hollywood heavyweights such as John Wayne, Walt Disney and Fatty Arbuckle.


The restaurant went through a period where they changed the name to Great Scot, but on the 60th anniversary, they returned to their original name: Tam O’Shanter.  No matter the name, the restaurant has always served some of the finest food in the area.  You will find a wide variety of food at Tam O’Shanter, including grilled salmon, ribs, prime rib and lobster.  Many different types of salads are available too.


While the food is great, it is the atmosphere that has many people coming back.  The interior and exterior of Tam O’Shanter truly looks like an old world inn.  The dress code at Tam O’Shanter is not overly strict, but they do want people to dress nicely.  This means that you need to avoid tank tops and flip flops, hats, ragged clothing and jeans.

Tam O’Shanter is located at 2980 Los Feliz Boulevard in Los Angeles, and will leave you full and ready for a nap after your visit.

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