5 Reasons Why You Should Read the Works of Fantasy Author Amanda Hocking

If you walk into a Borders or a Barnes and Noble bookstore today, you will immediately be assaulted with a menagerie of today’s Bestsellers, and they will almost definitely be in hardback and more then likely priced around $20-30.  Now if you are an avid reader like me and can blow through 3-4 books a week, then you should probably start looking for a part-time job to finance your weekly spending on the printed word.


Unless you have a local library, in which then you can rent a multitude of books and read to your heart’s content.  Oh, but then again you will probably have to wait 4-6 months to get the latest books once you have placed them on hold, because Bestsellers generally have at least a long person waiting queue.

But what if said book only cost you $1 or at the most $2.99?  Wouldn’t you be willing to buy several books a week at that price?  I don’t know many people who wouldn’t find those prices to be a phenomenal deal.  Which leads me to introduce you to one of the greatest self-published Young Adult writers of this decade, Amanda Hocking.


Enter the World of Self Publishing


Amanda Hocking is a mid-twenties, Minnesotan native who thrives in writing about unique fantasy worlds that anyone would love to be a part of.  With 9 novels already published as e-books and some available in paperback, it’s amazing to see how much this young woman has accomplished without being backed by a huge publishing company.  She has grossed nearly 2 million dollars in sales and that’s with her books costing $1 to $2.99.  It’s almost hard to believe.


When asked why her books were so cheap, she simply said, “I can make a living selling them at that price so why charge more?”


Introducing Amanda Hocking


Truly a mind of innovation and wisdom rests within her, and you can find all of Amanda’s books on amazon.com for unbeatable prices.  So here I find myself educating you with the first reason to start reading Amanda’s books affordability.  What can you really lose by trying out one of her books for $1?  Even if you don’t like it, at least 100 pennies isn’t or shall I say shouldn’t break the bank.

Secondly and another foolproof reason to read any of Amanda’s works is the reviews.  She may not have the 1000+ reviews that Stephanie Meyer has, but Amanda also doesn’t have a huge empire of blockbuster movies to give her that sort of backing.  But nonetheless, you will find her fans just as dedicated and noteworthy in their praise of her novels.

Lastly, I will follow with the third, fourth and fifth reasons you should definitely read any and all of her books.  Her story lines are impeccably unique and addictive.  They draw you in from page one and you won’t stop until you’ve read the entire series.  Her characters are ordinary and complex all at the same time, which is a balancing act to create.  You find them identifiable, but at the same time removed enough from our world to be enticing and exotic.


And lastly, her writing is fluid and easy to read.  She may be simplistic in her words, but at least you won’t find yourself opening up a dictionary every five minutes so you can correctly understand the emotions of the story.  So if you find yourself wanting a good read one of these hot summer days, then try out Amanda Hocking.  You won’t be disappointed.

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