Best Love Matches for a Virgo According to Love Horoscopes

The Virgo can find love matches with quite a few different star signs.  Love horoscopes pair the Virgo first with the magnanimous Leo because the Leo can overlook Virgo’s tendency to criticize.  Virgos will take pride in bringing excitement and understanding, according to love horoscopes.  The Leo will be patient and committed, always seeking mutual satisfaction.  Love horoscopes determine that a Virgo and Leo love match can result in a long-term relationship based on respect and quiet passion.

For love at first sight, love horoscopes suggest a Virgo and Taurus pairing.  The Virgo and Taurus are both intellectuals that prefer quiet nights at home, though the Taurus may employ a bit more creativity in passionate pursuits.  Love horoscopes maintain that the Taurus and the Virgo are thrifty beings, so finances won’t start many fights.  Teamwork is often met with success in a Virgo and Taurus match, and with patience from both sides, love horoscopes say a long-term relationship is infinitely possible.

A long union is also quite possible between a Virgo and a Capricorn, the love horoscopes say.  Virgos are neat and orderly, while Capricorns show propensity for hard work and self-discipline.  These two star signs prefer small, close-knit groups rather than large parties.  Love horoscopes also suggest that misunderstandings don’t threaten the relationship because the Virgo and Capricorn mesh so well.  There may be a danger of too little romance and passion with two such reserved souls, but love horoscopes state that the Virgo and Capricorn have what it takes to enjoy a long and happy union.

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