Celebrities and Adoption the Perfect Pairing or Publicity Stunt?

If you look at the headlines on the front of celebrity gossip magazines today, it seems that child adoption is the hottest celeb trend.  There are celebrity couples adopting everywhere, and while it may be easy for talk show hosts and others to sit by and crack jokes, the truth is that it offers a theoretically perfect pairing.  You have celebrities who have more than enough money to actually provide a happy life for these little ones, and it gives the children the chance of a fulfilling and prosperous life.

There have been many famous celebrities who have adopted babies and children, both in the recent and distant past.  Lionel Ritchie adopted his daughter Nicole when she was small, and Mia Farrow famously adopted a number of children as well, so adoption by celebrities is certainly nothing new. 


Brad and Angelina have certainly brought more attention to adoption, however, taking in children from various parts of the world. Sandra Bullock announced that she intended to continue on with her adoption plans in the wake of her divorce from Jesse James, and she and her little one look incredibly happy, while Neil Patrick Harris and his husband have just adopted twins. 


There is no doubt that adoption is a wonderful choice for anyone, regardless of whether they can bear their own children or not, and these celebrities have done a lot to raise awareness of the whole issue of adoption and popularize adoption agencies, as well as making the lives of their adopted little ones better.  The fact that they are celebrities shouldn’t matter at all in their role as parents, provided that they honor their commitment to their adopted child and dedicate their lives to raising happy, secure children.

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