Growing Up Famous Which Celebrities Have Famous Parents?

When studying the background of celebrities, it’s surprising how many of today’s biggest stars are actually the children of some of the biggest stars of days gone by.  Here are some famous celebrities who share a parent/child relationship:

Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn are an excellent example of a mother and daughter who are both incredibly famous.  Hudson is certainly a star in her own right, and Hawn was one of the biggest actresses of the 1980’s.  Their relationship is a strong one, and talent (and good looks) certainly run in the family.

Liv and Steven Tyler are another example of a famous parent/child pairing, and a very unique one.  While Steven Tyler is famed for his musical talents, performing as the lead singer for the band Aerosmith for many decades now, Liv Tyler is famed for her acting career.

Nicole and Lionel Ritchie are another pair of father and daughter celebrities.  Lionel Ritchie is a musician best known for his Motown pop/ soul music in the 1980’s, while his adopted daughter Nicole first became famous as the best friend of socialite Paris Hilton.  After some negative events that took place in the public spotlight, however, Nicole Ritchie has settled down and now shares her life with her husband and two beautiful children, swapping fame for family life and stability.


Similarly, Ozzy Osbourne’s children Jack and Kelly Osbourne have also become stars in their own right, Kelly starring in her own musical acts, and Jack managing bands – a talent learned from his mother Sharon Osbourne, who manages and books her husband’s legendary shows.  The entire family (including their charismatic English bulldog Lola) became famous after the Osbourns starred in their own MTV reality show, ‘The Osbournes.’ The show premiered in March 2002, and became one of MTV’s biggest hits, offering candid insights in the ‘Godfather of Heavy Metal’s home life.

The relationship between parents and children is always fascinating to watch, and with these celebrities, it has played out largely in the public eye.  It is always wonderful to see parents and children develop strong relationships, and these celebrities managed to keep family bonds intact even while under the judgmental eye of the public and the paparazzi.

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