How Often Should You Tune Your Piano to Extend its Life?

When you have a new piano in your home, at some point you will probably start thinking about piano tuning.  Since most people don’t know how to tune their own piano, you are likely going to need the help of a professional piano tuner. 


It generally doesn’t cost much for the tuning, and it is well worth it if you play often.  However, you need to know how often one of these tunings is necessary to get the best performance from your instrument.


There are different schools of thought on this.  Some people believe that having your piano tuning twice a year is enough.  This can pose some problems though.  Four times per year is going to be better for keeping the piano in tune.  As the seasons change, the piano changes along with it, since it is made from wood and the hot and cold seasons can affect that wood.  Even the best pianos in the world need proper tuning.


You will find that you are much better off with you have a piano tuning four times per year.  The piano is going to sound better and you are going to be more apt to play when it is in tune.  You should set up a schedule with the person who does the tuning.  Have the specialist come to your home every three months to get your piano in playing shape.


If you don’t have much of a budget or you didn’t pay that much for your piano, you can always reduce it to just two times per year.  However, the sound will likely suffer if you do.


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