How to Entertain Your Friends in Your Home Town
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When I was in school, I used to look forward to Summer with eager anticipation.  Bright sun, the warm beach, and good friends were ingredients to the most memorable times of my life.


I ’d sit watching the clock tick during Biology until that moment came in late June and we were free from the prison that was High School.  In my mind I was ready to spend time with friends exploring the city or soaking up rays at the beach.  However, when that long-awaited time came to hang out, we found ourselves watching old reruns on the television, bored out of our minds. 


If you are in the same position, read on to learn how to entertain your friends in your home town.


5. Try Something New


Doing something out of the ordinary is sure to be exciting.  Learn to surf, rent a dune buggy, or go hiking.  Your town will have plenty of things you’ve never tried but may have been wanting to do.  You can visit a winery or just drive down a scenic road.  There plenty of things to do for free as well.  Go to a local museum or library, or check out a local art gallery.


4. Invite Others


Parties are so much fun because you get to meet new people and socialize.  Gather your friends and just hang out somewhere as a large group.  A good conversation is actually very entertaining.  If you are old enough, you can host a wine party at home.  If you are feeling particularly inspired, throw a themed party.  Some good themes are 80’s, Rock Star, B-List Movies, Horror Movies, or Celebrities.


3. Prepare a Meal


Cooking is a great way to entertain and impress your friends.  If you have a barbecue, then try grilling a few burgers and brats.  It’s best if you have a pool so your buddies can go swimming if they like.  Nothing beats a good barbecue on a hot Summer day. 


Or in winter seasons, get creative and host a dinner event.  You can tell everyone to dress in formal-wear and serve fun foods like hors d’ oeuvres and caviar.


2. Go to a Movie


Movies are perfect low-cost, low-effort entertainment for any occasion whether it be a date, catching up with family, or having fun with friends.  You can check out the latest blockbuster or find a nice independent theater.


A fun idea is to pick a genre that you all enjoy and rent a bunch of those movies.  For example, 90’s horror movies are always fun.  A group of guys could do a ‘classic war movie’ day; girls could choose ‘80’s teenage dramas’.


1. Be a Hometown Tourist


I’ve lived in Los Angeles for a few years now, and because I’m so close to the city, I never thought of going sightseeing.  When my friend flew in from Europe, I took her to all the tourist spots like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Grauman’s Chinese theatre, and the Ripley’s Museum.  It was one of the best times I’ve ever had, and I realized just how little I knew the city I lived in.


Whatever town you are in, pretend like you are a tourist visiting for the first time.  Go to your town hall or city center and pick up a bunch of activity leaflets, and you’d be surprised at how many fun things there are to do.


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