How to Know if You Are a Snob

An actress friend of mine lived in London for a few years during the ‘self-discovery’ phase of her life.  Not to discredit England as a place to grow personally, but all that culture seemed to rub off on this particular semi-star the wrong way.  She came back with an incomprehensible new vocabulary, sometimes slipping into her faux English accent.  Hotels below four stars and French restaurants without a diamond were now considered trashy.  The mutt I owned was deplorable; she only raised purebred shepherds.


This actress could be classified as a snob.  The unfortunate thing is people often don’t realize they are being elitist and pompous.  You could have an aura of ostentatiousness about you and not even notice.  Read on to figure out if you are a snob.

How a Snob is Classified


Snobs try to be better than they are.  The typical snob is mainly concerned about their social status usually represented by wealth and power.  They want others to think they have more money than they do so they overcompensate their self-esteem issues by driving cars they can’t afford, buying flashy clothes, and eating foods they think they can pronounce.  In terms of power, they are usually interested in either current entertainment gossip or political matters.   Snobs try their best to name-drop whenever possible and act like powerful or famous people are their close personal friends.

What is a ‘Niche Snob?’


However, some people can be snobby in more niche categories.  In college, I used to shoot hoops at an outdoor court.  There were a select few people in my crowd who didn’t have much game, but who constantly spouted all kinds of basketball knowledge.  They always wore the latest gear and had the most expensive ‘NBA Regulation’ balls.  We referred to these types as the ball-snobs.  Whether you are a multimillionaire businessman or a high school art student, you are likely to encounter snobs within your clique.

Are You a Snob?


Figuring out if you are a snob within your group takes a bit of self-examination.  Do you think you are more talented, or deserve more money, success and glory than everyone else around you?  Do you enjoy sounding intelligent at the expense of another person?  Does your talent not back up your words?  If so, you may be a snob.


Humility is the antithesis of snob-iness.  Being a snob may get you attention, but not the kind you are seeking.  Snobs do not garner respect, in fact they gain the opposite – ridicule.  Most people can tell a real expert from someone who is merely trying to look like an expert.  You may get a few short-term rewards, but once your act is uncovered, you will lose all credibility with your friends and peers.


Being modest about your abilities and respectful of others’ opinions is the true way to gain admiration and esteem.  Avoid putting others below you or disregarding their contributions.  The great thing about humans is we all have the ability to change our status in life, and we all have individual talents that no other person possesses.  You may be special in one aspect of your life, but struggle with another.  Seeing everyone else as an equal will in fact make you a more respectable person overall.


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