How to Know Which Sport is Right For You
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One of the greatest things about the human spirit is that we aspire for greatness.  Whether it’s conquering unknown lands, or being the best javelin thrower, we have a fire inside of our souls that pushes us to achieve more than we ever thought was possible.


Sports is an outward manifestation of this innate motivation.  There is a goal and we have to work together to achieve it.  Our enemies on the other side are equally strong foes and we have to combine intelligence, cooperation, skill and persistence to win.  Sports affects us on all of these levels from our most cerebral processes to rapid physical reactions. 

What Sport is Best For Me?


There are millions of sports in the world to suit anyone’s personality, from traditional soccer and basketball to novel video game sports or Lego building competitions.  The trick to picking out which sport suits you is to examine your personal goals.


Do you want a connect with a community of people with similar interests?  Are you interested in developing your physical strength?  Would you prefer a sport that relies more on strategy?  Do you have plans to compete on a national level?  Is this something you want to make a living doing?


Dissecting your plans will help you figure out which category of sport you want to pursue.  For example, you may be trying to choose between volleyball and basketball.  If you are equally interest in both and equally talented at playing either one, but want to choose one that offers the most opportunities for your career, then you should go for basketball. 


Volleyball is popular, but there is very little money in competitive play.  However, basketball is a mainstream sport, and there are many levels of professional leagues that pay a decent salary.   Bigger audiences usually means more income potential.  Plus you can go into other areas for your career like coaching, training, nutrition, etc.

Fitting Sport Into Your Lifestyle


When choosing a sport to play, you need to consider your other obligations.  Most sports require you to dedicate a significant amount of time to training and practicing.  Professionals often train six hours a day.  Some sports take more time to prepare for than others.  Swimming in particular takes a tremendous amount of commitment which may mean sacrificing other areas of your life.


Expense is also a major factor in sports.  Golf, Polo, Race Cars all require a substantial investment.  If you don’t have the funds, you may not even be able to play some sports.  If you are playing for a school then they should have programs to help the financially needy.  Some sports require very little money like track, long-distance running, swimming, and soccer.


The most important aspect of choosing a sport is how much you enjoy it.  Playing sports is all about fulfillment and fun.  Choose one that inspires you to work harder and motivates you to grow both as an athlete and an individual.  Sports are about triumphing over your competition and having to go through tremendous obstacles to achieve your goal. 


Sports is also about defeat and how you react to loss; remember that if you don’t score the first time around you can reset the board and play again.


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