How to Make an Eco Friendly Easter Basket

If you’re trying to live “green” in every way possible, you might want to think about incorporating an eco-friendly Easter basket into this year’s festivities.  It can be a fun project for the whole family and a great learning experience for the kids, as well.  The first step in creating a truly “green” Easter basket is to start with a reused or recycled basket, which can be found online or in consignment stores.


Recycled Paper


Most Easter baskets include too much shredded paper or wrapping that harms the environment.  You can still use paper to make a great filling, but opt for using old newspapers, printer paper that’s been put through the shredder, or paper from magazines. The chocolates you use for the gift baskets should be Fair Trade and locally made items, as well as homemade.  If you make your own Easter candies, it will give your basket a more personal and homemade flair.  Try using organic ingredients and substitute milk for soy or rice milk.


Used Items


Other things that can be added to your Easter basket might be decor from previous years, handmade bunnies, or eco-friendly clothing items.  Avoid using plastic eggs from the store, instead making your own, and having them as a treat so nothing goes to waste.


Natural Dyes


Using natural plant dyes create fun Easter eggs to make your basket unique.  You can use beetroot for red eggs, red cabbage to create blue, cranberries for pink eggs, coffee for brown eggs and tumeric for yellow.  In just a few easy steps, you’ve created a fun and unique Easter basket without using products that are harmful to the environment.  This fun project is a great way to teach your kids about the importance of taking care of the environment while still celebrating a treasured holiday!

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