How to Plan a Camping Trip to the Rocky Mountains

Are you a family CEO who loves to travel and is planning on taking a weekend trip to go camping in the Rockies? If so, then you’re sure to enjoy all of the natural beauty, hiking, and other fun camping activities that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. Make sure that your camping trip is a success by remembering to bring these camping essentials.

Correct Sized Tent
If you want to get the most out of your Rockies camping trip, you have to have the right tent. Make sure that your tent is big enough to sleep as many people as you need it to. It also doesn’t hurt to figure out how to pitch your tent before the camping trip.

Hard hand soap is fine and costs pennies. Never use soap near a clean water source such as a pond or river, and dispose of soapy water in a drain or on rocky ground where it won’t hurt wildlife.

Can Opener
Too many camping trips have been ruined when an unfortunate camper realizes that they forget to bring a can opener! Make sure that you pick a sturdy model that won’t break or go rusty overnight if it’s left out in the damp and dew.

First Aid Kit
Camping can be dangerous and you should never go camping without a decent-sized first aid kit filled with things like bandages, burn ointment, a set of small flares and snake bite antidote.

Butane Lighter
A refillable gas lighter is a must-have for any camping trip. You’ll need a fire to cook food, stay warm, roast marshmallows, and to sing campfire songs! Just don’t forget the matches…

The best skewers are metal with a wooden handle. Great for cooking anything you can stick on the end!

Metal saucepans for camping are best. How else can you cook that can of beans?

Trash Bags
You don’t want to be a litterbug and ruin the experience of future campers by leaving trash all over the place. Bring trash bags and dispose of all of your trash.

Sleeping Bag
It can get chilly at night when you camp in the Rockies, even in the Spring and Summer, so remember to bring a sleeping bag and pillow for each family member. 

Ground Mat
These foam pads are light to carry and roll up nicely. They may seem bulky, but anyone who’s ever spent the night lying on a tree root or a rocky uneven ground through the plastic bottom of their tent (a sleeping bag offers little padding) can testify that one of these little beauties can make or break your trip!  

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